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$40,000 package

  • Tiny home mounted on trailer.

  •  Standard RV hookups. The benefits of a standard RV hook up  are a "Flip Out" tiny home can be hooked up to a Standard 30 amp Plug for Power, Standard sewer connections for waste, and a simple water hose hookup for power.

  • Water pressure regulator. The water pressure regulator regulates the pressure coming from the water source, so you will have just enough pressure to use your shower, sink, shower, etc.

  • ¾ water input Hot

  • Input for Hot Water/ water hose hook up.

  • ¾ water input cold

  • Input for cold water /water hose hook up.

  • Includes Stone Countertops.

  • Stone is like level 1 Granite.

  • Stand Up shower with waterfall spout

  • Standard size sink

  • Standard size Toilet

  • Flip out one / 2-bedroom option

  • The bedroom is designed where there is a foldable wall halfway through the room, just in case you want a second bedroom.

  • Six ceiling light fixtures

  • Two light fixtures in the bedroom /1 in the bathroom, and 3 in the kitchen/living area, all on separate switches. Lights are LED-powered, and they take up less than 12 volts.

  • Twelve electrical Outlets 110v / 115v

  • Maximum combined voltage 30 amps

  • Dual Kitchen Sink

  • Stainless steel sink with overflow protection, faucet produces hot and cold water, no garbage disposal.

  • 1 Windowless AC/Heat Unit 12,000 Btu / 15-amp cools 400sqft

  • A tiny home can be picked up with a truck that can tow 6500 lbs.

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